Date and place of birth: 1977 - Turin, Italy

Address: Via Teodosio 102 – 20131 Milano – Italy


January 2006
Qualification to the pratice of Engineering profession, class 23/S
December 2002
Masters in "Quantitative Methods and Computer Science for economic decisions processes"
University of Bari, Faculty of Science
December 2001
Degree in Computer Science - University of Bari, Faculty of Science
Grade 110/110 with honours

Current employment (September 2012 - in progress)

Senior Developer at DS Group (Milano)

Previous employments:

July 2011 - August 2012

Senior Developer, consultant in Serin SA (Lugano) for an important world-wide Swiss credit institute. Main project:

  • Credit Risk Management - System for computing potential risk exposure of the Institute's counter-parties. It's an international project involving world-wide sites. Work team is extended to Switzerland, London and Singapore.

Technologies: Java (J2EE), Struts, MS SQL Server, Sybase, UNIX, Perl, Apache Ant.

January 2009 - June 2011

Software Engineer at Visiant S.p.A. ( My main activity consists in designing and developing the SOA-oriented enterprise internal information system, using the Agile development method. Other activities are configuration and maintenance of test and production environments on VMWare cloud and virtualized Linux-based servers and supporting / managing internal IT infrastructure, networking and applicative support desk. Main projects:

  • HRSuite - Web-based suite for the management of human resources: timesheet, jobs, expenses, documents. The system is integrated with the ERP Navision / NAV (Microsoft)
  • Recupero Crediti - Web-based application to support the activity of managing credits
  • RDA - Web-based application to support the activity of managing internal expenses

Techologies: J2EE, PostgreSQL, JPA, EJB3 (on Apache Geronimo), GWT, GXT, OpenLDAP, GoogleAPI (docs+mail), Trac, Continuum, Apache Ant.

December 2007 - December 2008

Recruited as analyst/programmer at Sapient Italia S.p.A., now Sempla - Consulting Technology Outsourcing ( Main projects:

  • ETIP - Single sign-on system for authentication on several portals, developed for several customers
  • Websites - Customers: Brico Center, SynergoSgr
  • Data Warehouse for the optimization of enterprise expenses.

Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle 10g, Magnolia CMS, Apache-Tomcat

December 2005 - November 2007

Recruited at Exhicon s.r.l. (, I worked for IBM at Intesa Sanpaolo in Milan, as J2EE developer. Main projects:

  • IXP - middleware (in a heterogeneous environment: z/OS, Linux, Windows) for interfacing host to distributed systems

During my activity, I dealt with both colleagues and the customers, represented by other developers.
Technologies: Java (J2EE), C, IBM Websphere Application Server (WAS), WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD), Solaris, IBM AIX

November 2003 - November 2005

Recruited as Oracle (PL/SQL) programmer at Svimservice S.p.A. (now Exprivia S.p.A.). Main project:

  • GIPEL - Application for the management of human resources (wages, in particular) of local authorities (municipalities, provincial administrations)

During the activity I gained significant experience in the main areas related to the automation of Human Resource management.
Technologies: Oracle (7.3.4, 8.1.7, 9i, 10g), Forms & Reports
Main customers: Municipality of Milan, Municipality of Bari, Provincial administration of Bari, Provincial administraion of Taranto, ASL NA/5.

January 2002 – November 2003

Research grant-holder in the Department of Computer Science, University of Bari. Main project:

  • SPIN!: Data mining on data of public interest (census data)

Technologies utilizzate: Java, JNI, C/C++, RMI, SOAP

Courses attended

  • 2005 - Developing personal expertise - Profingest Management School
  • 2003 - Advanced Course on New Frontiers of Information Society Technology - Department of Computer Science of University of Torino (Italy)
  • 2004 - Java Programming, Create Servlet and Java Server Pages, Data Warehouse Fundamentals, Warehouse Builder - Oracle
  • 2002 - Doctoral Summer School Information Environments: Analysis and Design, ETH – Zurigo

Foreign languages

  • Native speaker of Italian
  • Good command of spoken and written English
  • Spanish language: Cuadro común europeo de las lenguas: Nivel B2

Technical knowledge:

Operating Systems
Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, IBM AIX
Java EE, C, C++, SQL (PL/SQL, T-SQL), Visual Basic.NET, Perl, Prolog
Web Development
Google Web Toolkit (GWT), (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ext GWT, XML, XSL, PHP, ASP, PmWiki
Development process
Continuous Integration, Agile methodology, Scrum
Virtualization and Cloud
VMware, vSphere, VirtualBox
IBM Websphere Application Server, Apache HTTPD, Apache Geronimo, Apache Continuum, Redhat JBoss, OpenLDAP
Oracle (7.3.4, 8.1.7, 9i, 10g), PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008)
Analysis and design
UML, Database design, ER modeling, OO design patterns
Development environments and tools
Eclipse, IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer, Visual Studio.NET, Oracle Developer (Forms & Reports), JBuilder, SVN, Trac, Google Sites
Office and Internet applications
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Docs, MS Office, OpenOffice, LaTeX


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